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tv   Headline News  RT  July 18, 2014 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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choose the stories that impact your life choose to access to your office. well the leaders called for an unimpeded international investigation after a malaysian airlines passenger jet crashes in east ukraine killing all two hundred ninety eight. their relatives all the victims are overwhelmed with grief for the net that lost more than one hundred fifty of its citizens when the boeing seven seventy seven came down. both kiev and government forces are accusing each other of bringing down the plane there on r.t. international we take a close look at the blame game that's well underway. headlines
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and live from moscow it's r.t. international for me rory sushi in the news team welcome to the program deborah and corpses scattered across an area covering fifteen kilometers the aftermath of a malaysia airlines passenger plane crash in eastern ukraine on thursday all two hundred and ninety eight people on board were killed locals soul bodies falling to earth in the remains of fewer than one half of the victims have now been recovered and this is how i witnesses describe what they saw. when i saw a piece of the plane fall about four hundred meters from my apartment when i went to check it out i saw scattered bodies from a distance it looked like debris was falling but as it turned out it was people falling out of the aircraft the only it was terrible what i saw first i saw the smoke and fire when the fineman started to put out the flames. there were children
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to have a bodies just to see here and. now the plane on route from amsterdam to kuala lumpur was a flying over the part of eastern ukraine where kiev continues to wage its crackdown against anti government forces that ultimately then disappeared from radar shortly before entering russian air space where ukraine's president accused the anti-government fighters of downing the plane with a rocket calling it a terrorist attack but militia groups say they don't have access to those kinds of weapons needed to do such a thing now the nationalities of the majority of people on board the crash malaysian airliner have now been identified more than half of the passengers we're talking about one hundred fifty four to be exact were dutch and other thirty eight victims were malaysian including the fifteen crewmembers also on the plane with
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nine britons four germans three filipinos and one canadian let's bring you some pictures now from our kuala lumpur families gathered in the country's main airport shortly after they found out what had happened many became angry demanding to see the passenger manifest desperate for news of their loved ones. so worst it has been the netherlands which has lost more than one hundred fifty of its citizens relatives desperate to find out what's happened to their loved ones is our numbers that are. relatives and friends will have gone to bed last night hoping that everything that took place yesterday was just a dreadful nightmare but holland has woken up this morning to nothing short of a national tragedy as you said the majority of the passengers on that flight were dutch nationals now flight took off from here where i am in amsterdam people
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airport before it crashed in ukraine and the scenes we saw here yesterday absolute devastation of the devastated passengers relatives just trying to obtain information about what had happened to their loved ones and the grief and the shock of coming to terms with their losses it was just unbelievable we also know that a number of the passengers were headed to melbourne for an international aid conference with a sense of shock last night but this morning the country has woken up to the tragedy and the reality of that very high death toll from holland. from our spanish sister channel correspondent francisco also at the scene of the crash earlier you sent this report this morning in this kilometer that is that you can see several pieces of the aircraft. here said that they don't have the
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capability to shoot an aircraft who is in a distance of ten thousand metres the government open an investigation it's a situation that is very important and has important political connotations because here in the last days there was a big comeback between the militia. or granny and forces now is on the russia ukraine border joining us live here on the program good to see you again are you know under such a dark circumstances though the update from where you are what do you know. well at this point it does seem that there is information coming in that the self-defense forces from the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic of that are also working on the scene in fact were some of the first ones to be at the site of the crash there are reports coming in saying that they have recovered
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a second black box that makes two to. flight data recorders that they reportedly have recovered now exactly where those boxes are heading from there on is not yet clear there have been there has been information that the defense forces wanted to transfer them to moscow for investigation so however we do know that there have been increasing calls coming in from e.u. officials from the secretary general of nato calling for an international investigation into this horrific tragedy so of course the plane has gone down in an area which has seen some of the most intense and brutal fighting between the n.t.'s forces and the ukrainian military in fact the village where a lot of the debris has fallen was the site of the most intense bombing by ukrainian forces just on tuesday so this remains a highly contested area between the opposing forces in the what will could essentially be called a civil war that is raging in the region at this point of course we have heard from
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the governor of the self-proclaimed and that's peoples with publicly said that it's self-defense forces are ready to proclaim truce for several days in order to provide easy access for investigators who will be working at the scene and we also know that all we see either observers are said to be heading to the side of the crash so perhaps the recovery of the black boxes is something that will take us one step closer to finding out the reasons and the actual causes of this disaster or it all to be correspondent thank you. to tell you to excuse me interstate of years from committee saying an international commission. now be allowed unfettered access to investigate. understanding the difficulty of the situation in the area of the incident we consider it necessary to create an international investigation commission which could be established under the authority of the international civil aviation organization and to pass on to it all
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the flight recorders. and during a phone conversation with barack obama a lot of may put in called for an unconditional cease fire to be declared in ukraine with immediate effect it would help lead our joining me live here from central moscow ed good to see you any more reaction from the kremlin or just behind you yeah well the kremlin spokesman dmitri told the british newspaper the guardian that it's stupid to presume that russia is culpable and the president vladimir putin has said that ukraine has to bear responsibility for this tragedy it happened over ukrainian territory and if there was pace in eastern ukraine then this would never happen and now this is what the president had to say earlier. you know we have to do everything in our capability to make sure an objective picture of what happened is made public and known to people in our country as well
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as the people of ukraine in the whole world because what happened is completely unacceptable and no one has the right to walk away with the make you know no dejected conclusion of what happened for you but i want to point out that this tragedy wouldn't have happened if there was peace on the ukrainian land at least if the fighting hadn't had resumed in the south east without any doubt the state on whose territory this happened must stand responsible for this horrible tragedy. the kremlin has said that it won't make any further statements until more details are known about what exactly happened right at cally there in front of the kremlin thanks for that. now one after another major air carriers are diverting their planes around ukrainian airspace among them where you can see trans aero turkish airlines aeroflot as well europe's transport agency euro control has advised all the e.u. carriers to avoid ukraine's aspace is peter all of in berlin because
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a short statement from german chancellor angela merkel in which she said she was shocked and expressed her condolences to the families of those who have been killed who are expecting a further statement from her in a few hours time that go into a little bit more depth we've heard from a colleague. in amsterdam the dutch prime minister has also been expressing his condolences the u.k. where nine people it seems were on that flight nine u.k. citizens david cameron the prime minister there held a meeting with senior government officials to decide what the next step would be and what they actually knew about what had happened and then the united kingdom went to the united nations and asked for a special set a special session of the security council now that session will take place in new york later on friday but what we are seeing though is as an outpouring of condolence and grief here in europe as all car is just about have said that they
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are going to try and employed all of ukrainian airspace. control who are the european body that monitor air traffic control and to give guidelines and air traffic control of rule eastern ukraine an absolute no go area until we find out anything more about what's happened with this terrible tragedy that touched lives across europe now u.s. intelligence officials are claiming the plane was. miss silent but have not specifically blame by the side the american vice president joe biden has said that a team of specialists will be sent to assist ukrainian authorities with the investigation in washington with more is artie's guy nature can. u.s. officials believe it was a surface to air missile that shot down the malaysian plane over ukraine the u.s. is not pointing the blame finger just yet president obama spoke with the ukrainian leader shameka we can be sure that the blame game in the coming days and weeks is going to be vicious there are questions as to who had the capability to do this the
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ukrainian military certainly has the capability of a launch like that would require a team of specialists as we hear from many experts and there is another question why was this malaysian airline flying over the conflict zone we know that u.s. airlines had been avoiding the area for some time precisely because it was deemed unsafe what kind of instructions that this plane was see from the ukrainian air traffic controller what exactly was happening inside the cockpit just moments before the tragedy hopefully we'll get more answers when investigators get hold of the black box of course one of the main questions at this point is who is going to investigate this the u.n. secretary general spoke out calling for an international investigation one of the concerns moving forward is that the investigation could eventually be politicized the blame game is full on in the media even before any facts have been established and some of the accusations against antigovernment fighters are based on a single tweet which was reportedly posted and then deleted from the social media account of the going gets people's republic the treaty was allegedly
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a boast from the government forces there taken possession of an advanced surface to air missile system capable of bringing down such a plane however in an interview to the ukrainian media. prosecutor general actually denied that the weapons would fall into the hands of militants another allegation coming from ukrainian officials based around what they say is an intercepted phone call between antigovernment fighters in it they purportedly admit to shooting down the plane. now if this passenger jet was shot down there are a few weapons in the region able to do that one possible example is the book surface to air missile system several former soviet countries use the weapon including ukraine it has the ability to intercept up to twenty four targets at the same time at a distance of forty five kilometers an altitude of twenty five kilometers in fact its missiles travel up to twelve hundred meters per second and yet there is no
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confirmation this missile system was the cause of the crash now for more on the technical side we can cross live to australia and talk to richard woodward a pilot and aviation expert good to see you today thanks for joining us on the program of the plane actually chose quite a different route compared to the flight so why do you think that that happened is it just simply because of the war zone in eastern ukraine normally this is really controllers. from one side of the country you know other and that's a direct threat so the normal erode what about it what about this so-called a book rocket launcher system that's being discussed allegedly there are some in the region if that is the most likely kind of weapon that could destroy an aircraft at such a high altitude most probably normally shoulder launched missiles are only good for ten to three majors so you have to very sophisticated missile system which is on a track vehicle or a truck and it's got its own right command and control the also it was
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a sophisticated system far more trained personal in a lot of women now if indeed such a sophisticated device that does not hold a book missile system has been used what would indeed the pilots aboard the major malaysian airline plane would they have any warning in advance of this thing approaching. no not unless they sort of there's no warning capability in aircraft so you being tracked missile system and because the view from the cockpit is a craft is quite limited if the missile came from behind you would never see it if it came from right in front of you in the middle of the day you may see it but as you said earlier it's towing it very or speeches quite unlikely richard we're now hearing that the second the black box has been recovered from from the deborah and the wreckage or how can that help us discover exactly what happened well it will give you some indication of what the crew were talking about at the time and that may give you an indication. that the black but the other black box the flight data
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recorder will tell you what the aircraft was doing at the time the issue there will be to look at the wreckage of the aircraft and see if it's been hit by miss are there's a vast difference between new explosion internally an aircraft and being struck by an external explosive and you can even trace residue on the on the rookie general so parts from the midst of them determine what sort of missile or was and where it's our engines were now richard a lot of speculation going on right now about the location of where this potential to attract all came from we know the plane came down approximately fifty kilometers inside ukrainian territory shy of the russian border what about some sort of satellite modern detection systems i mean there must be some radar somewhere that can show us where the plane was going and what potentially came up and slammed into it. very much that area has been covered by a large amount of violence of various types there's no doubt and more and more and what sort of the people around the world will be trolling out a satellite imagery and also links from their blinded to where was and when it was
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struck if an aircraft is so sophisticated these days that it can transmit when it's having problems so even in the state of crashing it's like the graph was transmitting messages such as failure modes for various systems as it as it broke up and i were to read on a stand at least a half of the bodies have now been recovered by emergency services on the same as i said to you moment ago the two black boxes are in the hands of officials how long is it going to take do you think until we have a clear idea of what happened in one take very long to read the black boxes that's an expert they expect her required to do that but russia has that capability as most of the countries in the world so an interpretation of black boxes should be available within a few days till we get the most the this occasion and so it will take quite some time in the report of a much longer given the national interest i suspect there will be a very quick analysis the way for instance here in australia twenty seven of our
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own people killed on that aircraft so let's try has a very recent goes on so they aren't government is calling for un security council resolution to give for when a national investigation is exactly what the russian president vladimir putin has also called for a full transparent international investigation pilot and aviation expert richard woodward thanks for your time today no problem think you. now international investigators haven't entirely arrived at the crash site yet but the ukrainian authorities and some western media are very quick to. of course want to marina portnoy are now taking us through some of the rather wild speculation in the media a shocking tragedy claiming the lives of nearly three hundred victims before and investigation even begins the lack of credible facts has it prevented many in the west from jumping to conclusions according to the sun newspaper the russian president is personally responsible for downing the malaysia airlines plane in
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ukraine and accusation some u.s. officials are doing their best to feel if it is a result of either separatist or russian action sure mistakingly believing there was a ukrainian war plane i think there's going to be hell to pay and there should be there does seem to be a growing awareness that it probably had to be russian insurgents know how we determine that will require some forensics but then there is evidence pointing in that direction the equipment had to come from russia either the missile came from it's a missile that came from russia or it was from the separatists and it's a buke style vessel i mean this came from russia russia has their fingerprints all over it either way why stop it fingers according to the daily mail russia's hands are soaked in blood some journalists conveniently camouflaged their blame with a question mark headline after headline asking if russia is to blame very few
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bothering to enquire about ukraine's possible role in the plane crash the new york times on the other hand reported ukraine's accusations leaving no room in this article for russia's position the us nato and russia have all called for an investigation to be launched to establish the facts many media outlets have already created their narrative even if it means bypassing the truth marina port ny r.t. new york. and charlie mcgrath the founder of wide awake news he believes that the western media has already chosen a very clear scapegoat in light of the fact that nearly three hundred people just died i hate to jump into bashing but since you asked the question i will this is a western backed regime inside a key appear chico is absolutely put there by the united states by the e.u. by the international monetary fund they say you know like i said the ukraine is not
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in the forefront of the people's mind in the west it's going to be now it when i was monitoring coverage on this earlier today they give you two options for what is happening inside ukraine it's either russia's fault or pro russian separatists fault you know they're forgetting the fact that ukraine right now the ukrainian government is showing civilians is showing in urban areas and hundreds and hundreds of civilians have already been killed at the killed at the hands of the ukrainian government so you know the fact that the media's not reporting the truth on the ground is not surprising at all because this is the western media who is toeing the western propaganda line well ukraine's army does have some history of actually shooting down civilian planes but in a culture of a now looks back at a fatal mistake during military exercises back in two thousand and one. case has bit of similarities to the incident indeed it happened thirteen years ago two thousand and one in a cold where a russian plane was carrying sixty six passengers as well as twelve crew members
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and was flying from tel of based in israel to novosibirsk now somewhere at about the black sea it happened that the russian ground control center reported that it lost contact with the jets as the plane disappeared from the reader and very shortly after it was revealed that the plane went down into the sea of course of the investigation was launched in there were conflicting reports and i do remember there was one when the pilots. are meeting in a plane that was flying above pretty much the same area said that he actually saw the russian jab before crashing into the sea in his so how the jet exploded it's the number one reason behind the incident was a possible terrorist attack that's what the investigators first thought but then it turned out that the crash happened due to ukrainian
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a missile that broad down the plane and that happened accidentally viewing military exercises military drills happening at the same time in well basically this seems area now i have to mention that ukrainian military forces really didn't know i had quite heated the that they were at fault however international. investigation was carried out in international society acknowledged that was the fact that there was a ukrainian ukrainian miss island that brought down that russian plane and that happened back in two thousand and one. while the malaysian plane crash or certainly dominating world headlines events have taken a turn for the worse in gaza israel has launched a massive ground operation one of its soldiers was being killed the first israeli military death in this part of the company which began late on tuesday with the offensive has also led to palestinian casualties as well.
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well you know very well that for all of those. who. are now we bring you some pictures right here all the bodies of three children who were reportedly hit by artillery fire they are among more than twenty palestinians who have died since this ground offensive began early friday there were heavy bombardments across gaza with locals reporting tanks crossing the border israel says it needs to destroy tunnels being used by hamas militants to infiltrate the country and has sent in ground troops backed by the air force and they are rockets still being fired by militants into israel but un has called for an immediate end to the violence by both sides very fear has more in the situation. we understand that one of the primary objectives of
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the operation is to destroy the tunnel infrastructure which is used by the fighters here israel sees this as a counterterrorism operation i spoke to one of the hamas. spokespersons and they said that israel's operation will also massively result in large number of civilian casualties and he described israel's intent towards gaza as deliberately going after gaza's civilian population it's not at the moment exactly what scale this ground invasion or incursion is going to materialize as but we do know that there have been incursions into the northern area of the strip specifically at least the beit hanoun area we've also received unconfirmed reports that as a result of those incursions there have been specific casualties as a result of those ground troops moving in. now the israeli operation follows days
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of gaza shellings with hamas launching rockets in return overall nearly two hundred sixty palestinians have been killed most of them civilians including dozens of children there was a short humanitarian truce on thursday but the exchange of fire resumed as soon as it entered. joining us here in r.t. international deborah and corpses scattered across an area covering fifteen kilometers of the aftermath of a malaysia airlines crash suspect to be taken out by some sort of trajectory al as it was flying from amsterdam towards its final destination of kuala lumpur all two hundred ninety eight people on board were killed local store bodies falling to earth and the remains of fewer than half of the victims have so far been recovered this is how i witnesses describe what they saw. i saw a piece of the plane fall about four hundred meters from my apartment when i went
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to check it out i saw scattered bodies from a distance of looked like debris was falling but as it turned out it was people falling out of the aircraft the only it was terrible what i saw the first sort of smoke and fire going to find and started to put out the flame and. there were children too there were bodies to see here and there now the plane on route from amsterdam to kuala lumpur was flying over the part of eastern ukraine where kiev continues its crackdown against anti-government forces it then disappeared from radar shortly before entering russian airspace and ukraine's president accused antigovernment fighters of downing the plane with a rocket calling it a terror attack but militia groups deny all of this saying they don't have access to those kinds of weapons needed to accomplish such a feat of the nationalities of the majority of people on board the crash the malaysian airliner have been identified more than half of them one hundred fifty four to be exact what dutch another thirty eight victims malaysian and that
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includes the fifteen crewmembers also on the plane were nine britons four germans three filipinos and a canadian. this is the latest pictures coming out of kuala lumpur right now as families have gathered in the country's central airport shortly after they found out exactly what had happened and many became angry and demanding to see the passenger manifest desperate for news of their loved ones but the worst hit has been the netherlands it's lost more than one hundred and fifty of its citizens relatives desperately trying to find out what's happened to their family members a boy could now reporting from amsterdam. relatives and friends who have gone to bed last night hoping that everything that took place yesterday was just a dreadful nightmare but holland has woken up this morning to nothing short of a national tragedy as you said the majority of the passengers on that flight were to.